Construction Master Pro App Reviews

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I work with dirt doing estimates and such finally this app came out its the same as my calculator i keep in my truck

The Best In Construction Calculators!

I paid a lot more for the physical calculator years ago & what an asset it is. The app is identical & incredibly useful in the world of construction. I would reccomend this app for anyone!

Worth the price excellent app

I own the physical calculator of the same type and paid $80 for it, the addition of the iPhone version that I always have on me is more than worth the additional cost. They have been an industry leader with their calculators and the addition of the IPhone app is a welcomed one

worth it

works great im a journeyman carpenter never go anywhere without my ipod its 1 less thing to carry and a fraction of the price of a seperate unit


The best app I have! All the same features of the stand alone calculator for a quarter the price! Nice to always have access to the help too.

Construction master

Just as good as my old construction master that I have had for years, and payed $130 for. This app is worth every penny.


This is an excellent addition to any toolbox worth every penny. The help button is fantastic.


Great app. I use it all the time with my students. Ive owned the calculator for many years but nice to have it on my phone.


By far the best construction calculator out there! Nice to have all the help options in the app. Would like to see update for ipad with retina though.

Good app

Great working app for construction.


Works just like the hardware version. For a fraction of the cost, I can have it have it on a phone and a tablet and always have it with me.

Phone is always on me with this app.

Love this as I always have my phone on me and dont have to carry another calculator all the time. Works great!!!!

Perfect Calculator

Ive used this in the field for years now. It does a great job adding inches together.

Full Featured app. This is the one.

I have used the handheld device from Calculated Industries for years and this app is perfect. Various conversions, stairs and standard calculations all on your phone. Check out their web site for other versions and compare to meet your needs.

Not the same

I have a handheld that I have used for years. I should have looked at this screen more closely before I downloaded this. We constantly have to convert inches to millimeters and my handheld has a button for both mm and cm. This one does not so just pay attention to what type of calculation you need to do if you are used to using the original. Otherwise it looks like a good unit for most other things.

Awsome app!

Perfect for anyone in construction. I use this app every day. These calculators are expensive, cant believe I got it for 10 bucks!

The best

This is by far the best app I have on my phone! Better than the actual $80 calculator. Love it

woohoo! five stars for this upgrade!

oh man, finally ipad ready! i have been waiting for this a long time. i have had the original version for iphone and an actual CM Pro calculator, both are great. Ive been using them for making furniture and r/c airplanes and my patio. its a great calculator for a tinkerer like myself. the new ipad version looks great. THANK YOU!

Great App!!!

I am an architect and have relied on my Construction Master pro calculator for years in practice. Last year I was about to buy a new one to replace my old one that wasnt functioning properly. I went to the Construction Master Pro website to compare various models and noticed they had one for the iPhone. Which was substantially cheaper than what I was about to pay for a one of the newer models, I might add. I immediately went to iTunes and downloaded it. It has been great having it available whenever I needed it. Now I am very pleased to see it works natively with the iPad as well. A must have app for professionals and anyone in the construction industry that has to deal with quantities, dimensions, and conversions, etc.


As a finish carpenter Ive used a CM calc for years. When I got an iPhone a few years back, I immediately looked to see if CI had made an app--I was sad to find they hadnt yet at that point. I used cheaper, less functional constr calc apps for a while, even contacted CI to request a real CM app. They said they were thinking about it. I waited and waited, and bought it when it first came out, using it regularly ever since. I was stoked to find it was very well done, not like so many junky apps out there. The iPad version is great now, also! And having the manual right there at all times makes it even more valuable than the dedicated calculators, not to mention if I have my phone I have my CM! I couldnt be happier!

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