Construction Master Pro App Reviews

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Great for Framing

Best calculator for construction. I have the physical calculator too. Ive been using this for 13 years on the job site. Love it

Great tool

Im not a master builder. The master builder I work for told me to get this app and learn how it works so that I may save him the time of ordering yards of concrete, floor joists and sheeting, rafter lengths, window/door trim packs, etc. From zero to job site hero for only $20. Construction Master has found a way to keep me valuable.

Greatest construction app

Awesome app. Best help anytime at your fingertips. Can do just about anything you need to do on the job site.

Must have

This is a must have for any construction pro.

The best

You wont be disappointed with this purchase.

Works Perfectly.

Still own the calculator. It still works great. The app has the same functionality and the convenience of it being on my phone. Totally worth it.

The Best!

This is the best calculator for you if you are in the construction industry, hands down!

Perfect conversion

My physical version died recently after 10 years of constant use. I was searching for a replacement unit, looking at the same physical version selling for the same price as 10 years ago, and was worried about how the cheap circuitry could go bad again. But then discovering this app and using it for a day made me a perfect evangelist. In my iPad in portrait mode, it is truly a superior version. Gives another purpose to my iPad Air. The only minor downsides are no keyboard input and the first tap is always not audible. But trivial complaints. I love it.

Wont update

It started updating and just stopped halfway through the installation. It has ben great until this. Cant even use it now.

App is crashing

When I go into preferences it crashes on my iPad and iPhone. The update erased all of my presets.


App wont open. Had this app for years with no problem. Very disappointed

App Crash

With new iOS, app crashes when I go to preferences.


Hit reset

Stair function stopped working

Tried deleting and reinstalling to see if it would reset stair function but it wont let me reinstall...

Disappointed User of Physical Calculator and App

I have used the actual physical Construction Master Pro for years with no issues. It was essential to my work as a carpenter. The app has been great and in some instances superior to my original calculator. One example would be that I dont need to carry around the little instruction book because it built into the app. Now my app crashes. I needed to get a stud count for some walls and it kept giving me an error. I checked the help section to verify that I was doing it correctly. I was, so I checked the on center spacing and it said zero. Great, no problem, I will just go to preferences and set up the right spacing. Nope, it crashes every time I go into preferences. Please fix!


It crashes.

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